Privacy Policy
  •         Dear users, thank you for visiting 臺藝大_網路學園 (hereinafter referred to as "the platform") to help you understand "this platform" in order to respect and protect your personal privacy rights. How to collect, apply and protect the personal information provided by you, please read the following in detail. If you have any questions about the privacy protection declaration of the Center, please feel free to contact us.
  • First, scope of application

            The following privacy notice applies to the collection, use and protection of your personal data in connection with your use of the “Platform” website service. Other external websites linked to the “Platform” may also collect your personal data. For the personal information you provide on your own initiative, these linked websites have their own privacy protection policies. The data processing measures do not apply to the “Privacy” privacy protection policy, and the Center does not bear any joint and several liability.

  • II.Personal Information Collection Policies
    1. Purely on the “Platform” website's browsing and file downloading behavior, this website does not collect any personal information about the individual. The website only records the IP address of the user’s station, the time spent on the internet, and the web pages visited on the website. data.

    2. E-mail or comment mailbox

      Using the “Contact Us” provided by “This Platform”, when the applicant needs to provide personal information, you will be asked to provide the latest and most authentic information of your name, contact number, e-mail, and other personal information. .

    3. Other online features or services
      When you use other online features or services, we will ask you to log in to other necessary personal information depending on the nature of the event.

  • III.Policy for Personal Data Collection
    1. The website records the IP address of the user's station, the online time, and the web pages visited on the website. It is used only for the aggregate analysis of the website traffic and internet behavior survey conducted by the “Platform” website management unit to facilitate the improvement. The service quality of this website, and "the platform" only analyzes the sum of all user behaviors, and does not analyze individual users.
    2. E-mail or comment mailbox
      If you provide personal information to the Center by sending an e-mail or using a comment box on the website, we will only use that information to reply you and help us provide you with the information you need. If your needs are related to other government agencies, we may also share your personal data with other government agencies. We do not collect your personal data for any other purpose. The information you provide will not be provided to any private organization or private use.
    3. Other online features or services
      Personal data collected by the “Platform” is limited to user characteristic analysis or academic research purposes; unless the consent of the parties to share personal information, all information is for data analysis purposes only, the Center will not use the information for other purposes.
    4. The Platform is obliged to protect the privacy of applicants. It will not modify or delete any personal data or files on its own without your consent. Unless you have agreed in advance or meet the following conditions: (1) Via legal channels. (2) protect or defend the rights or ownership of the individuals concerned. (3) Violation of the provisions of this site.
  • Four cookie use policies

    •         To provide personalized services, we sometimes use cookies technology to store and track users' information at certain times. Cookies are differences between servers to differentiate users. Like, write some brief information on the user's hard disk via the browser. You can modify your acceptance of cookies in your browser, including accepting all cookies, being notified when cookies are set, and rejecting all cookies.

                 If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services or participate in part of the activities. In general, we will write and read cookies in your browser based on the following purposes and circumstances:

      1. To provide better personalized services and to facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities. Cookies are created when you sign in and are modified when you log out.
      2. In order to count the number of visitors and analyze the browsing mode, to understand the situation of web browsing, as a reference to improve the service of “this platform”.
  • V. How to share and disclose data

    •        The Center will never sell, trade, or rent any of your personal data to other groups, individuals or private companies. Only in the following situations, the Center will share your personal data with third parties under this policy principle.

      1. When your conduct on this site violates the terms of service of the Center or may damage or hinder the rights of the Center or cause harm to any person, the disclosure of your personal data through the Center's analysis is to identify, contact or take legal action. It is necessary.
      2. Cooperate with relevant authorities to investigate or use according to job requirements.
      3. Based on the good faith belief that exposing your personal data is required by law, or for maintaining and improving website services.
      4. Cooperate with the legal investigation of judicial units.
  • Sixth, amendments to the Privacy Notice

            In response to changes in statutory requirements, scientific and technological advances, and environmental changes that may not be foreseeable in the future, we will review and revise, as necessary, the privacy declarations provided on this site. , and announced it on this site.

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